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Raw Materials Manager:

Whether in the lab or in a simulator, having access to the right materials is critical to the success of your formulation. Our Raw Materials Manager database is pre-populated  with hundreds of formula ready options. You can also import your own lists of materials where you have full control of all of the details including price.

Raw Materials List

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Formula Manager:

Create lab ready formulas in minutes with our unique industry proven pre-calculation engine. Our industry leading formulation simulator will allow you to focus on building your product to the correct specifications rather than tedious calculations.

Building A New Formula

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Get instant feedback as you develop your formula. Calculations are completed on the fly with each new component or a subtle change in weight.

Formula Results and Inputs

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Take your completed formulation to the lab with all the detail needed to validate your new product.

Lab Sheet

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Record your test results for verification and legal.

Lab Results

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